Monday, March 31, 2014

[EVENT] BIJAC no Tanjowai 7 29-30 March 2014

Good evening everyone!

Time to blog some post for BIJAC Event yesterday. I participated this event as a member community of Love Live! School Idol Project Indonesia Nakama (in short LLID Nakama lol)

This time I'm allowed to make a gathering event and organize the stuffs inside...So happy within a week we managed to display lots of things! Thank you!

Condition in the morning, so messy!

First batch opening stuffs--currently about 40 figures & goodies

Finally can cosplay as Eri again ////


With Himecchi 

With my lovely Hime Shinra, get well soon for your hand ;3;

Selfcam with other members

LLID member with 'babeh'

 Without babeh lol

 Post event going to Mc'd across the venue!
With lovely Mizu as Nico <3

With Himecchi and Mizu <3

BiBi so wow lol

Last selfcam with others before going back

First of all, Big thanks to Randy that allowed me to organize this gathering! Also Balyon, chief of BIJAC no Tanjowai 7 Matsuri event, thank you!
And I really thank you guys for helping me out on the goodies,figures and everything! Especially, the team that assembled in the morning Anthony, Yogi, Winaldi, and Rosmana. And others that brings their figures and goodies Steven, Rizky Pradana, Andira, Taufiq, Jijiev and others. And Himecchi that finally decided to help the booth all day! Weiss Schwarz Tutor, Adit & Yuuji, thank you! All of you guys that came and keep this community busy all day long! I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but please do not get bored of me yet, because we need to do this more!

Last but not least, have you guys finished Kotori event today without hitch? Mine got stuck because of maintenance before getting Kotori on my second device! QAQ

Once again, thank you so much! See you guys next time!

With love,

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