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[ EVENT ] AFA13 Suntec Convention Center, Singapore, 8-10 November 2013

Hello again!

Finally I write for the topics that you guys waited for! Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore!

I've been requested several times via my to write this >< *this is really old topic, so I've thought of not writing it lolol*

This time I'm going as a staff for Culture Japan's booth, so if you happened to see Mirai Suenaga in Summer Uniform or in Kimono T-Shirt, that's me! XD

My 'nimotsu' for this trip /o/\o\

Still sleepy but, oh well /o\

Finally arrived at Changi! Quiet hot eh!

Preparing for Culture Japan's booth, you can see the staffs is putting all the goods inside :3

They even sell Misaka Imouto before release! orz

Valvrave /o/\o\ 

VVVI so kewl /o\

Day 1 of AFA13

The first day of AFA13, I rushed out to Sony Music booth just to get LiSA's new album and ELISA Valvrave exclusive CD (of course with sign ticket lol)  before hand, and then helped out at Culture Japan's booth. Getting some lunch, and then Makio told me the anisong karaoke contest at HoriPro booth is opened! I rushed my meal running upstairs, and finally getting my self registered there :3 *I'm number 27 dudes /o/\o\*

Whitey helped me to record my performance on Facebook *I sang Tommy Heavenly6 song of the bad-ass anime ever lololol* << If you're a friend of mine in Facebook you might watch this ><

I'm so embarrassed, I even don't walk like normally I do @_@  but I feel I did my best back then... Then I go back to CJ's booth... Until my friend Makio text me that I was selected as a finalist for HoriPro Anisong Karaoke Contest! D:
With my lovely Hime Shinra

With my dudes Makio <3

This mini Echow that everyone is talking about! Whitey!


Day 2 of AFA13

I'm preparing for Sidonia no Kishi seiyuu audition, since my turn is on Saturday, so I'm not wearing any wig and prepared for audition *I'm very nervous @_@* This time I can meet more cosplayer *since that day is saturday, more cosplayer will come right? lol*

Second day! :o

The hype is going to be wild today!

With Yoshida-san! So happy! *don't mind the 'Tolak Angin' I hold lol*

With lovely Esther as Mirai

The Lovely Reia as Rin! She also cosplay as Ericchi before AFA and I'm so happy to meet her! <3 <3

Dudes from Culture Japan, and Danny himself, all is wearing Megane even they don't really wear it except Danny lol

If you're in Singapore, go grab this! I love it so much! <3

My feet is all 'boro boro ni na chau' @.@ 

Day 3 of AFA13

ARCC is today! But I can't go in since I'm doing Mirai Suenaga cosplay today! Can only meet them outside the stage area ;3;

With Lizzie and Whitey

The waifu Mikoto is there lol

Biggest Kit-Kat I ever had <3

With Pochi (Tak) from Thailand! He opened Tomodachi T-Shirt with his team on AFA13!

So 'kakkoi' Pochi lol

With Kawagoichi-san from HoriPro! Looking forward to meet him this year! lol

With my lovely Hime again, she's cosplaying as Ruby from RYBW

Spotted some Railgun cosplayer! 

Stellar <3

D: Awesome Pixis cosplayer! So much respect out of this!

With kawaii Momo-tan with her Maid clothes

Yes! Makoto cosplayer! <3

Wak, so blur... We're going home for today!

Much experiences indeed!

Loots I get from Marble Wonderland /o\

Those awesome CD's and the sign /o\
AKIRA-chwaaaaan <3 /slapped

I guess I can't leave without buying these /o\

Much cheaper rather than *ndon lol


Last day in Singapore

Going to meet up with some friends before leaving at night. Can only meet them here / AFA only. DX
I always wear something red I guess lol

With the gorgeous Ying Tze

With the lovely Angie while Ying Tze do some photobomb lol

Kawaii Momo-tan again <3

She take it for both of us lol

Meet Raistlin, Lizzie, Stella Lee and Richfield and having lunch with them

Wah, so yummy!

Recommendation mask from Punipun (a.k.a Momo) //// Thanks!

Meeting up again with the girls at the airport!

Buying too much Popeyes, since they don't sell it anymore in Indonesia ;;;;

No! Keima trying to steal those yummy chickens and mashed potato :3;

Gifts from Makio! Thanks a lot, dudes!

Finally home and getting some rest! See you next time, guys!

Thanks for reading this!

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