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[ REVIEW ] One Piece Hair Studio , Kelapa Gading

Hello guys! Finally reach my computer and I'm finally back for writing!

For writing maybe I should write it entirely in English, but if some of you who didn't understand it, just contact me and I'll be very happy to explain it to you <3

For you guys who lived in Indonesia especially in Jakarta and you're a fan of Japanese stuffs and kind, you must be very familliar with One Piece Hair Studio!

"One Piece is one of the top international hair studio from Japan, with resume and clients which already include New York, Japan and South East Asia. After a successful launching in Jakarta June 2010, Hisato proud to introduce One Piece Hair Studio. All concepts and technologies used are also from Japan. One Piece Hair Studio is here to fulfill the needs of quality hair styling & treatment. Along with the progressive moving trend of hair style around the world, One Piece Hair Studio has a mission to always be the trend-setter and part of the ever-growing needs and satisfaction of customers. We believe beauty is a whole package, and confidence grow from having the best & suitable appearance. Our mission is to help customers see their beauty shines through. One Piece Hair Studio brings top stylist from Japan with credentials and expertise in hair-styling and treatments. Led by Hisato Suzuki as international Director of One Piece Hair Studio. Hisato, has more than 14 years of experiences as a hairstylist in Japan & Australia before he became one of top hairstylist in Singapore. With the best quality, services and technology. One Piece Hair Studio is here to become the best and hippest hair studio in Indonesia." -- from About One Piece Indonesia 

Simply to put, this is a hair studio brand from Japan and they are totally awesome! Big thanks to Shunji Masato-san who introduce One Piece to Indonesia \ AwA /

Let's start the review then <3

One Piece Kelapa Gading Branch <3

I cut my hair at Kelapa Gading Branch on early December since they have a disc. promo up until 40% off (only up until January btw ;3; ). Basically I want to cut down my hair from long to short ( took about 4 years to make it that long ;;;;)
At first I was waiting for Kyosuke-san for cutting down my hair, since lots said he's good. But, I finally choose Mizuho-san to cut my hair. She's very friendly! //////

This my old hair :o.

My front hair length is about my hips line, and the back hair is about my back, so that should be quite long enough to be cut down /////.

At first, I wanted to cut down my hair for about Mirai Kuriyama / Yui Hirasawa hair, since I'm fan of both character.

Mirai-chan /////

But after long of thinking about how I should cut my hair, based on few living samples, I choose Nitta Emi 's hairstyle as my reference /////// * Love Live! seems getting in to me more and more D:*

She's gorgeous right //////

So after Mizuho-san asked me what kind of hairstyle I wanted, I showed her Mirai-chan first, but then, I changed it to her again ///// 

I tied my long hair before they washed my hair /////
Oh I also tried their Carbonate Water System! Details are on below post! /////

Quiet messy hair :(

Halfway cut still can do some selfie /////

Almost done! Very neat! <3

So, the hairdo journey is more likely like this :
Wash hair --> using the Carbonated water system --> drying it a little before cut --> first cut until the base --> drying the hair again --> cut the 'poni' :)) --> Blow until everything is finished

and... tadaaahhh

///// My new hair lol

With Mizuho-san after the cut is finished //// She's so tall! *don't mind my Eri's T-Shirt ;;;*

So the summary for the cut is :
(+) The stylist cut my hair very nice, and she did the layer part one by one with only cutting scissors! (not with the trimming scissors)
(+) The staffs is very friendly and keep us busy with small talks while the stylist doing another cut ( they only have 4 stylist in Kelapa Gading branch as I remember ) so we won't get bored waiting
(+) The interior is quite nice and lovely! They have some TV to introduced their products to the customer
(+) Mizuho-san is very nice and warm person! I'd love to talk to her again sometimes when I visit OP Kelapa Gading next time! :) また今度ね!
(-) The price is still quite pricey for International Stylist ;3;

Overall : I recommended! <3

Also for Carbonated Water System review :

Sorry, no photos of me taking it while being treated by CWS :( -photo on OP website and Facebook ;) 

After they washed my hair with shampoo, Carbonated Water System it's just like normal water, but with a bit soda sensation (carbonated water makes it a bit lighter), so it feels just like being washed again for the second time, but they massage your scalp and trying to remove bad hair scalp etc while basking your hair with the soda water. The fragrance are quite funny because of the carbon they fuse into it. After the treatment finished they will show you how 'dirty' your hair was and you won't ever think you already washed your hair to it's maximum ;;;;; *really do feel that way ;3; but not all have dirty scalp like mine orz*

(+) My hair feels alive--no--shiny <3
(+) After few weeks I realized my hair grow so fast, they already reach over my shoulder for about 2 weeks <3 do recommend for fast growth of hair!

After 2 weeks cutting, it's still nice <3

For more information :
Twitter : @onepiece_id

Kelapa Gading branch address :
Ruko Kelapa Gading Park View
Jl. Raya Boulevard Timur Blok ZC1 Kav. No. 43 ( Near Al-Azhar School )
Phone : (021) 4586 0119 / 4586 0120

Don't forget to see their promos! <3
other photo courtesy are from Google , One Piece ID Website , and mine <3

I think the review is done ;;;;;

This is my first post about beauty blogger stuffs, so if you have some critics / comments / others stuffs, do stop by and commenting or just leave a mail to asaren0791@gmail.com ;)

Glad to help! <3

With Love,

Asakaze Rena

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