Saturday, February 15, 2014

[ EVENT ] Japanese Culture Week

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm sorry I'm procrastinating again due to lots of task and sick ;3;

Today, I will write about Japanese Culture Week event at BINUS Square Hall of Residences, 22-25th January 2014 before >< (Yes, this is the second event I was invited as Cosplay Guest & Judges >////< )

So happy I was invited as a cosplay guest along with Clarissa Punipun >////< This is a wonderful experience for me as a cosplayer >////<

Thank you so much for Japanese Culture Week guys to invited me to your event!
Thank you for our LO Stella & Didi accompanying both Puni and me throughout the event... //// So happy to meet you guys!
Thank you for Cosplay Jakarta , INIOTAKU, and Nippon Club for the support and the interview also ;;;; /very nervous actually/ Q/////Q
To all cosplay participants, guest and meet and greet participants, thank you so much! O////O very touched because the event is so crowded with people ;;;;;

Me as Ayase Eri from Love Live! School Idol Festival game ver.
Punipun as Anarchy Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (henshin ver.! //// )

Photo courtesy Punipun's blog 

Photo courtesy Punipun's blog 

During the stage introduction
( photo by @JCW_BSCC team )

Meet and Greet session ///// /very nervous/ 
( photo by @JCW_BSCC team )

Before the winner annoucement /////
( photo by @JCW_BSCC team )

Photos with the winner //// Congrats guys!
(Photo by Japanese Station )

Sneak out and take a photo with Love Live! Itansha from Itasha Indonesia Team!

Self-cam with Wijaya and Punipun /////
Due to her awesome face, we decided to keep it for ourselves XD
Oh! Wijaya is our friend that won the ARCC Competition at AFA13 last year! Congrats guys! >///<

Gifts from Punipun, also Ericchi's keychain & meishi acquired!
Thanks a lot guys! /////// *daiji ni suru ////*

More post about Japanese Culture Week :
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That's the end of today's post then ;;;;;
The next one is about AFA13 ;;;;;;;;; *even more delayed than this one orz* *because someone asked me on when will I write this one ;;;;;*

See you guys soon <3

With love,

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