Monday, January 6, 2014

New World Introductory

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm back to blogging again with , since I have some trouble for mail addresses on my previous blog, so I decided to just write it back with blogspot because I'm very familiar with it. XD

Since you guys need to know about me, here's a piece of me :

Cosplay Name : Asakaze Rena
Cosplay since : 2010
Nationality : Indonesian
Hobby : Singing, Photography, Listening to music, Blogging (now starting again because so lazy lol!), Sleep, Collecting Rilakkuma <3
Height : 165cm
Zodiac : Leo

There you go. XD

So in this blog, I will mostly write about my experience, either about present, past, or even future. Most will be related to my cosplay, my photograph related, and Japanese stuffs, also trying to be a beauty blogger (hopefully) ><

I hope everyone will enjoy reading this, and I will trying to improve my blog page since that's so empty right now. ><

Thanks for reading!

<3 Rena

p.s : I've been procrastinate to write this from December last year but it took me a month to finally start writing again! 8'D 

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